FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Technical questions

The email containing the code may have been marked as Spam. Please check your Spam folder for the email.

Go to the training platform page and log in with username (that is, your email address) and password (set during the account creation). You will see a window in which the verification code needs to be entered. Please note that you need to verify your account within 7 days - otherwise it will be deleted. You will then need to register a new one.

You can reset your password by clicking on “Forgot password?” on the start page. This will take you to a screen where you can enter your email address for a password reset.

Accounts on the FEAST training platform expire after 6 months. To access the platform after this time, you will need to create a new account. To do so, click on “Create an account” on the start page.

If you cannot run the tests, it is possible that your device does not meet our technical requirements in terms of hardware, operating system, or browser. You can consult the requirements by going to the “Technical Requirements” tab.

Please check that your browser's zoom factor is set to 100%. Any other zoom factor can lead to issues with the display of instructions or exercises.

To change details in your personal profile, log on to the training platform, then go to “Account settings”. You will find your personal details here. Make your changes and save them by clicking on “Change my account settings”.

To delete your account, log on to the training platform and go to “Account settings”. Click on the tab “Delete account”. Please note that before you can delete your account, you will need to re-enter your password.

To remove your personal data, log on to the training platform and go to “Account settings”. Click on the tab “Delete account”. Re-enter your password and click on “delete account”. The account deletion will remove your personal data from the training platform.

We have striven to make the training platform as accessible and user-friendly as possible. If you encounter any issues, please check that your device meets our technical requirements. We are unable to provide any individual assistance.

Content of the training platform

The tests on the FEAST training platform follow the same principles and assess the same abilities as the real FEAST tests. Some details, however, may differ between the training version and the real test. This could be in terms of the layout and visual appearance of the test, but also the instructions (that is, the specific tasks to perform and rules to follow). Therefore, it is important that you read the test instructions carefully when you are invited to a real FEAST test session. They may be slightly different!

The training platform covers almost all FEAST I tests (except for one test which has additional hardware requirements). FEAST II tests are not included in the scope of the training platform.

The recruiting organisation decides which of the FEAST tests they use in their selection process. This may be a subset of the tests you find on the training platform or the full set of tests.

This training platform is the only platform or software authorised by EUROCONTROL which provides you with practice material for FEAST. Other test preparation software available commercially has been developed without the involvement or authorisation of EUROCONTROL. Therefore, practice tests available commercially may be very different from the FEAST tests and practicing with them may be misleading.

Preparing for FEAST

You may find that some commercial test preparation software offers more tests or more test options than the EUROCONTROL training platform. However, commercial test preparation software has been developed without the involvement of EUROCONTROL and the practice tests may be very different from the actual FEAST tests. You may end up paying for and practicing with tests that you will never encounter in a FEAST test session.

To prepare thoroughly, we advise you to take each test, check your results, and repeat each test once or twice. This should help you to understand the general test principle and familiarise yourself with the tasks you will need to perform. Items - that is, questions - will be different in the real FEAST tests, so practice can only get you so far. As a rule of thumb, we recommend you spend a maximum of 8 hours on the training platform.

The aim of this training platform is to give you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the tasks you will be asked to carry out in a FEAST test session. For this, you do not need to perform perfectly in all tests you see on this platform. It is important, however, that you understand the general tasks you will be expected to carry out. If a lot of your answers are incorrect, this could mean that you have not understood the task properly. In this case, please read the test instructions again and see whether you can reduce the number of mistakes. In any case, we do not expect perfect performance, neither on the training platform nor in a real FEAST test session!

Training platform and future employers

Air Navigation Service Providers and Air Traffic Control training institutes which use FEAST in their selection process have supported the development of this training platform and may have even pointed you to the web page. The fact that you have familiarised yourself with FEAST tests is a sign of your motivation and dedication and will therefore be viewed positively by a recruiting organisation.

This training platform has been developed to help you familiarise yourself with the FEAST tests in a protected environment. This means that none of the scores you obtain will be passed on to any third parties. It would also be problematic to assume that scores obtained in an uncontrolled environment – doing the practice at home, with potential distractions, interruptions or help from another person – are indicative of someone’s ability.

As stated in the privacy policy, we share neither your personal data nor your practice results with any third parties. This includes Air Navigation Service Providers and training institutes you have applied to or may want to apply to in the future.

Engaging with the FEAST team

This platform has been designed to give everyone the same chance of preparing for the FEAST tests. Offering additional advice to some but not to others would defeat this purpose. Therefore, we do not engage in conversations with individuals. If you do not understand certain questions and answers, please consult the instructions again. Perhaps you have overlooked an important detail.

All questions and answers have been checked, so it is unlikely there is a mistake. If you want to inform us about an issue, you can send an email to . We will consider your feedback but, as a matter of principle, will not engage in any conversation.

This platform has been designed to give everyone the same chance of preparing for the FEAST tests. Offering additional information on the tests or test results to some would give them an advantage over others who have not received this information. Therefore, we do not provide any additional information on a personal basis.

Using material from the training platform

All material on the FEAST training platform is protected by intellectual property rights owned by EUROCONTROL. Therefore, you are not allowed to copy, distribute or reproduce any material from this platform. Please consult our Terms & Conditions for more information on our Intellectual Property Rights.

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